MFSA Warning: Bitcoin Future

The Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) has become aware of an entity by the name ofBitcoin Future. This entity appears to present the same deceitful characteristics as another entity,Bitcoin Revolution, against which the MFSA has already issued public warnings on 25 January2019 and on 29 August 2019.

Such entities have been constantly resurfacing on the internet as adverts, and are operating undervarious names. These fake adverts claim to provide a “Way to build your life better” and a “Uniqueopportunity for Maltese”, and are currently operating through the following internet addresses: and

Bitcoin Future is promoting itself by means of fake news articles which misuse images of localpersonalities and images of local government institutions. The fake articles are advertised onvarious social media platforms and falsely claim to be linked to these individuals.

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