AFM: Vanilla Golden Trade

The AMF is issuing a public warning regarding the activities of Vanilla Golden Trade, which offers the opportunity to invest shares in orderto finance the company’s vanilla production and export business.It appears that this company, which seems to offer investments in France without authorization to do so, has not responded to the AMFrequests. The regulator recommends that investors use extreme caution.

The AMF reminds investors and individuals to follow these safety guidelines before making any investment:no advertising materials should make you overlook the fact that high returns always involve high risk;learn as much as you can about the company or intermediary trying to sell you a product (authorization/certification, companyhistory, location of head offices, etc.);only invest in a product you understand;ask yourself how, and by whom, the purchase price or selling price of the advertised product is set, and find out the precise termsand timeline for selling the product, especially in cases where the product invests in an asset class with low liquidity.

All the websites and/or entities offering investments without authorisation in France are now collected on a single table. Thistable is updated regularly and is presented in alphabetic order.The AMF invites investors to frequently visit this page.

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